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High Impact Leadership Process

Issue: You want to grab control of your organization and lead it to greater performance. You want to know what steps to take throughout the year to do just that.

Consequence: Processes drive results. Better processes drive better results. If asked by your manager, “how do you run your business, how would you respond?” This is a great question that many leaders simply can’t answer well. If leaders don’t know the process they are using (how they run their business), how can they help the team perform to its potential?


Solution: The High Impact Leadership Process – a step by step, very effective process that will help you lead your team to new levels of success. As a result, you will be able to answer your boss’ question. It’s an invaluable guide for any leader.

Your Guide to Outstanding Leadership

Before Starting – Take this leadership effectiveness assessment to determine how well you are currently following a disciplined process of leading your team to achieve their potential.

Assess Current Team Situation and Define Your Goals

Before setting direction for the year, you must assess where you are today. Two great assessments are the SWOT (Tool E3), which determines the health of your team at this point in time, and the Leadership Assessment (Tool E4), that measures your own effectiveness based on the past year. After taking both assessments, set broad goals for your team in the three areas all leaders are responsible for: Leading your people, delighting your customers and delivering results.

Determine Your Strategies

Next, develop your key strategies to accomplish your broad goals, again in the three categories. Great examples are included in the Direction and Strategies document (Tool L2)

Develop Your Plans to Support Your Strategies

Here, you decide on the specific actions you will take to drive the strategies you just developed. Again, see Tool L2. These first three steps have formed your strategic planning process. The rest is execution.

Set Expectations for Your People

Now that your direction is set, you want to make sure your people know what you expect of them. A number of Impact expectation- setting tools are available to help you do this effectively. This step is one of the most important components in leading your people to superior performance.

Assess Your People’s Skills & Coach to Improve

Ok, you have set expectations but how do you know your people can accomplish them with the skills and talents they have today? This vital step includes assessing team skills & developing improvement plans.

Execute Your Plan

All of us have customers, whether internal or external. Our job is to add value to them and differentiate ourselves so that we secure their loyalty.

Measure Performance

This step ensures that the expectations you set are being met, where problems can be spotted and corrective action taken to fix them.

Reward and Recognize

The fun part of the business. Because you have done a great job at the steps above, you will have the opportunity to sincerely show your appreciation.

Review and Recycle

At the end of the year, look back at what you did, begin the assessment process anew and follow the steps with discipline once again!

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